Annoying teddy bear That Sings
Non-Stop For Up to 3 Hours

This amazing diabolical teddy bear plays Happy Birthday to help someone celebrate their big day, except once started the only way to silence the bear is to inflict harm to it (or throw it outside until batteries die). There are thoughtful birthday gifts and then there are birthday gifts born out of the bubbling cauldron of hell. The AnnoyingTeddy falls into the latter category.

There are two ways to gift this annoying teddy bear:
1) Have it shipped to you and deliver it to the target (recipient) yourself.
2) Ship directly to your target. The recipient will not know who sent the bear unless you leave that info in a gift message and of course they will not find out it's an "AnnoyingTeddy" until they press the button!



How Does It Work?

It's simple. Your AnnoyingTeddy will come ready to go out of the box. Once the button is pressed, the Happy Birthday Song will not stop playing unless Teddy is punched in the gut or given a good slam to the floor. Most targets will not figure this out for some time, if at all. If the song stops the button can be pressed again to resume play, assuming Teddy wasn't abused to the point that he is broken. Once the batteries run out (typically 2-3 hours) the annoyingness is then over forever.

Is This For Real?

Yes, the teddy bear is real and it's very annoying! We spent more than two years crafting the perfect annoying teddy bear that would piss off someone you dislike or like. We hand selected the finest materials from around the world to provide the highest quality teddy bears. We found the most respected seamstress to carefully craft our teddy bears. We performed a quality control test with over two dozen people to help us reach the perfect annoyance level.


Original Kickstarter Campaign Video

This is what kicked it all off!

You Want Proof?

Here's a video of the AnnoyingTeddy lasting for over 3 hours!

Risks and challenges

The only risk is you thinking way too long on if you should make a purchase.
Don't miss out on the gift that your friends and family will talk about forever.