The Original "Happy Birthday" AnnoyingTeddy


About the Teddy:

🐻 DRIVE FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES CRAZY - Give a fun birthday present that sings the most annoying chipmunk-like version of “happy birthday” for up to 3 hours non-stop!
🐻 GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT THAT WILL (OR CAN) LAST FOREVER - Unless destroyed, nobody can “bear” to throw this cute teddy in the garbage as kids will either adore and keep him forever or adults will donate him to the kid who begs the most.
🐻 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD - Flowers die and we only wish that gift cards could make people smile, laugh, and then go nuts. Therefore, it only makes sense to give a humorous gift that promises to do all of these things and that will stand out from the other boring and weird gifts.
🐻 CHECK OFF YOUR BIRTHDAY LISTS - Make this your go-to present knowing that a prank birthday gift is fun for people of all shapes, sizes, and age ranges; men, women, and children; 36 months to 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 199 years old. 

      Life is all about bringing joy and laughter to the lives of others. Strangely, at the same time, it’s also about confusing and driving people insane... Knowing this, we put our brains together to come up with the best birthday gift to accomplish all of these things in one. After years of planning, countless months at the sewing machine, and over a dozen prototypes we finally launched our finished product; The Amazing “AnnoyingTeddy”!!

      This diabolical soft plush teddy bear sings “Happy Birthday” to help someone celebrate their big day, except once started, the high-pitched song does not stop for up to 2 hours! There is no off-button and the batteries cannot be removed. The once cute-ish song becomes increasingly annoying as minutes and then hours go by!

      There are thoughtful birthday gifts and then there are birthday gifts born out of the bubbling cauldron of hell. AnnoyingTeddy falls into the latter category. 

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